Wine Jamming with Flagstone Wines

By Glou Glou  •  Jun 6, 2017 at 7:29am  •  Reviews

Cape Town, raise your glasses to the city’s latest wine and art experience – and no, not another exhibition opening, this time it’s your turn to pick up your paintbrush and unleash your inner artist.

Flagstone Wines has collaborated with Artjamming to bring a unique popup experience to the Rockwell Hotel in Green Point on the last Wednesday of every month. You essentially have the choice of painting the artwork of the evening under the watchful eye of a qualified artist, or, like us, simply getting messy and doing your own thing. With all materials and (most importantly for us) delicious Flagstone wines provided, we found it to be the perfect mid-week creativity boost. We would highly recommend this as something a bit out of the ordinary with no prior painting experience needed, so look out for the next Winejamming on Flagstone’s Facebook page. Here’s a peek at how our evening unfolded:

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